RF Shannon announces Trickster Blues for 5/4 release

by Woody on March 9, 2018

Photo credit: Jess Williamson

RF Shannon is a desert blues band fronted by Shane Renfro. They’re going to be releasing their second LP, Trickster Blues on 5/4 via the fine folks at Cosmic Dreamer Music. The first track, Cold Spell, is a winner. Check it out. Here’s some more info on the album.

Born out of natural and self-imposed boundaries, the final product is an album that lives in the sonic space between desert blues and old school R&B. At times heavy like a jackhammer while maintaining the velvety vocal deliveries of Renfro, Trickster Blues is an album that embraces the natural indecision surrounding the songwriting process and goes with its gut decision every step of the way. By working on the principal that if the first impression of a song is good enough at the moment then it is good enough to be the final product, Trickster Blues paints a portrait of Renfro’s truth and his truth alone. “Maybe it’s a terrible mistake, maybe its’ better this way,” comments Renfro on the writing process. “I think that’s what this record will always mean to me. That’s kind of the Trickster in a way. Many different facets, but the name conjures a sort of pure whimsical mischief, a dose of raw wild impulse that reminds you to laugh at whatever it is thats happening.”

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