Queen of Jeans announce debut LP, Dig Yourself for 5/30 release

by Woody on March 9, 2018

Photo – Jessica Lim

Queen of Jeans is the Philly based quartet comprised of Miriam Devora, Matheson Glass, Nina Scotto and Patrick Wall. After releasing an excellent s/t EP in 2016, the band picked up some steam. Now they are set to release their debut LP via the fine folks at Topshelf Records. They labeled their music as Crockpot Pop which works for me as I love my crockpot. Their music has a retro feel but the artist that immediately sprung to mind was Lucius as they really have some lovely harmonies. Here’s a little more from the band.

“This album is really the story arc of a relationship, be it with another person or simply the relationship you have with yourself,” they continued. “We chose an album name with a split meaning – to ‘dig yourself’ could mean to love yourself; rally behind yourself, or on the flip side, ‘dig yourself’ is a motion to try a little harder, find what’s there beneath the surface, explore your behavior and figure out what you’re actively trying to reveal to yourself.”

Dig Yourself is as much a reflection of inter-and-intrapersonal relationships as it is the story of the band’s evolution by its own right, exploring the ups and downs of life in its assurance, annoyance, paranoia, resignation, and ultimately re-evaluation.

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Queen of Jeans are here

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