Andy Jenkins announces Sweet Bunch for 6/15

by Woody on March 6, 2018

Stick Matthew E. White and Phil Cook into an email announcing your album and there’s a pretty good chance I’m going to post something about your album. This is a timeless Americana track and I’m looking forward to the whole album. Sweet Bunch will see the light of day on June 15th via the fine folks at Spacebomb Records.

From the front porches, alleys, and rivers of Richmond, Virginia comes Andy Jenkins carrying a crisp, newly cut album, Sweet Bunch. Hatched in the tradition of Southern culture—unhurried in his art, yet weirdly ahead of the curve by the time he arrives— Andy is a joyously idiosyncratic songwriting talent, ripened over years of relative obscurity. Sweet Bunch springs into the world fully-formed, sitting at the crossroads of modernism and timelessness, sensitivity and decision, with the expansiveness and musical drawl of Big Star, the bounce of John Prine, and the curly, perfectly-carved melodies of George Harrison. Each song paints a wild landscape, the mood of a sun setting on a damn good day among friends and favored creatures.

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Andy Jenkins is here

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