Camp Cope – How To Socialize and Make Friends (album review)

by Woody on March 5, 2018

Photo by Naomi Beveridge

Camp Cope’s second album bristles the rage of someone that has just about fucking had it. Lead singer Georgia Maq’s vocals are one of exasperation. But I love how that rage is layered over some jangly guitars and the subtle rumbling of Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich’s bass and Sarah Thompson’s drumming. Maq’s anger doesn’t beat you over the head. It slowly seeps into your being; like you don’t know it is happening until you’re pretty pissed as well.

The opening track, aptly named The Opener just unloads on the male-dominate hierarchy in music. It is basically, the excellent NY Times article in a four minute tune. Another timely subject is addressed with the raw The Face Of God. Along the lines of John Krakauer’s excellent book, Missoula; it deals with the fallout of being the victim of a sexual assault – the victim-shaming and the loneliness that swallows up the victim.

How To Socialize and Make Friends is a really nice step forward for the Australian trio that has something to say. Best you give it a listen and make plans to see them live.

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