Soccer Mommy – Clean (album review)

by Woody on March 1, 2018

Photo by Shervin Lainez

I’d always just assumed that Sophie Allison was a wee bit older than her 20 years of age. She sings with a confidence of someone who has lived through some shit and navigated her way through it. Not to dismiss youth as having the wherewithal to pull if off (the kids in FL are testament to that) but I found it surprising that she was only twenty.

On Clean, her debut LP for Fat Possum, Allison ups the game and her music takes a massive step forward. The lead track, Your Dog, is a great mid-tempo number that makes her position very clear. She’s crystal clear in proclaiming that she’s not playing begging you to be with her. She’ll open herself but it is a two way street. On Last Girl, she does the most human of things – comparing herself to her new flame’s ex. She does it in a way that blends confidence with self-doubt.

No matter her age, Sophie Allison is about to experience a moment as her debut album comes out to a whole slew of praise. She’s one of the can’t miss artist down at SXSW.

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