John Calvin Abney announces Coyote for May 18 release

by Woody on February 28, 2018

Photo by Dylan Johnson

I first heard of John Calving Abney when I saw him playing with John Moreland. To say he’s proficient at guitar is a massive understatement. Coyote, a nickname bestowed upon him bu Moreland due to his dogged determination, will be the title of his upcoming album. The track below reminded of RayLand Baxter. Here’s some background on the album.

β€œIn the last year, I was confronted with a series of events that took the breath out of me,” Abney says. β€œI lost some dear friends to terrible accidents. I went through a breakup and moved to another town. My grandmother passed away. I was having some minor health issues glued together by anxiety, and there was no time to see a doctor. So much was happening. I wanted to be a million places at once, but I was barely able to be present where I was. I knew I had to figure out how to cope, how to adapt and keep moving forward.”

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John Calvin Abney is here

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