Marlon Williams – Make Way For Love (album review)

by Woody on February 21, 2018

Photo credit: Steve Gullick

Traveling for work is a lonely proposition. It sucks if you you have a solid family life at home. You miss the comforts but at least you have something to look forward to return to. But starting a relationship as you and your new special someone are traveling around the world must be among the most lonely and frustrating situations.

That’s the predicament Williams found himself in the nascent stages of a romance with Aldous Harding. As the relationship began to unravel, Williams found himself needing to write, almost a a data dump of his feelings. So while it is a breakup album, it also wraps up the loneliness of the road.

Williams, along with his trust band The Yarra Benders take you on the full voyage from courtship, the peaks, the valleys and then leaves you on a hopeful note with the title track. His voice is the type that engulfs a room and everything in it. There is a trio of tracks in the middle that is absolutely stunning Party Boy, Can I Call You and Love Is A Terrible Thing. And the track that he does with Aldous Harding, Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore, is stunning.

Breakup albums can oft come across a tired trope but Williams really puts a nice spin on it; and more importantly executes it wonderfully. I’ve seen them live and they are absolutely magnificent. Make it a point of seeing them live at SXSW are on their travels.

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