Starcrawler – s/t (album review)

by Woody on February 17, 2018

Fairly regularly I’ll poke fun at myself for judging a book by its cover and being completely wrong. But every once in a while that cover paints a pretty accurate pretty picture of what you’re going to get on the inside. As I emailed my friend, it sounds exactly what you’d expect a Ryan Adams produced album of these four kids would sound like.

Ranging from 17 to 22, the quartet kicks out a scuzzy brand of glam-rock and 80s LA hair metal. Arrow de Wilde and Henri Cash write the tunes and alternate on the vocals as Austin Smith and Tim Franco handle the engine room. They wear their influences on their sleeves, they’re practically an encyclopedia of 70s music and they crush it. They’re fun, brash and most importantly; massively talented.

Whether paying homage to The Runaways on I Love LA or working on some heavy sludgy jams like Chicken Woman and the closer What I Want, they build each tune on a wicked riff by Cash as Franco & Smith keep the train on the rails. It’d be easy to label these kids as a novelty act but you’d be sadly mistaken. These kids rip it hard.

It puts a smile on this old fucker’s face that kids are still cranking out music like this. They are touring around now and will be at SXSW where they are going to be an absolute must-see.

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Starcrawler is here

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