Superchunk – What A Time To Be Alive (album review)

by Woody on February 15, 2018

Photo by Lissa Gotwals

Superchunk was never a band that would be deemed as political. Since reconvening in 2010, the two albums they’ve released seemed to have been aimed at old guys like me trying to find the right way to balance clinging to their youth wile aging with grace (author’s note: I haven’t found it yet). Yet in following them on social media, you could sense something was brewing – that they had something to say about the current state of affairs.

What A Time To Be Alive is the end product. Notwithstanding the quality of the 32 minutes of music, they absolutely nailed the title of the album. I must have said that exact same thing hundreds of time these last couple of years as I sit in disbelief to what’s happening.

But the music. Yep, it is outstanding. They burst out of the gate with the no holds barred title track. They take aim at Trump & his cronies attempts to reverse or stop any progress. They follow up with Lost My Brain & Break The Glass; a tune that conveys that helpless feeling wondering how the fuck we got here and the sleepless nights that come with it. They even find time to give a nod to their predecessors with Reagan Youth.

I’d like to think that in 20 years, I’m looking back at this album as a footnote during a shitty time in our country. That being said, for a footnote; Superchunk has never sounded better.

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