Kyle Craft – Full Circle Nightmare (album review)

by Woody on February 14, 2018

Photo – Jeremy Kale Padot

On his sophomore effort, Craft continues to cement his place as one of the top songwriters around. His musical inspirations are rooted in the music of the 70s and his ability to spin a good yarns stems from his love of the folk, “I’m really just into that ’60s folk rock stuff. That’s where my heart is.”

Full Circle Nightmare is a rock ‘n’ roll album that tells rock ‘n’ stories. It is the type of music that lit up the airwaves during the 70s. Unlike Dolls Of Highland, Craft mines his own life on the autobiographical Full Circle Nightmare. Exile Rag mashes up a Southern twang riff with a boogie-woogie piano that The Stones mastered in the 70s as he sings of a femme fatale that leave him in the dust.

It’s a subject that he hits often, such as Heartbreak Junky & Fake Magic Angel. Slick & Delta Queen puts a nice spin on it, as he measures an ex’s current relationship with the relationship he once had. The tune features a horn that conveys a mournful, almost wistful sound as he longs for the times that were.

I was a little late to the Kyle Craft experience but I’m all in now. I’d also suggest checking out Girl Crazy, an album where he covered only female artists. He’s on the road and at SXSW. I strongly suggest you take in a set.

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