Sarah Shook & the Disarmers announce Years for 4/6 release

by Woody on February 8, 2018

photo by John Gessner

Our good friends at Bloodshot are set to release the sophomore release of Chapel Hill’s Sarah Shook & the Disarmers. Years will see the light of day on April 6th and she’ll be down at SXSW. I took in her set at The Yerd Dog last year and I anticipate I’ll do it again. Here’s what Sarah had to say about the album.

This record is about finding a way. A way through exhaustion, depression, betrayal, hangover after hangover, upper after downer after upper, fight after never-ending fight. It’s about picking yourself up and dusting yourself off after years of being trampled and beaten down, jutting your chin out, head high, after they’ve done their worst, and saying, “Still here.”

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Sarah Shook is here

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