Goat Girl announce s/t debut; out on 4/6/18

by Woody on February 7, 2018

Photo by Holly Whitaker

Goat Girl are a foursome of ladies out of London that are set to release their debut LP via the fine folks at Rough Trade Records. Was hoping they’d be announcing this album when I posted about them in Nov and my wishes were answered. They play a scuzzy blend of garage and post-punk that quickens my pulse.

Across 19 tracks in just 40 minutes, Goat Girl’s self-titled debut creates a half-fantasy world out of a very dirty, ugly city reality. In the group’s words: “Simply put, it’s an album that comes from growing up in London and the first hand experience of our city’s devolution. We wanted to think of it as this place seen not necessarily just through our eyes, but someone who can’t get past the abnormalities and strange happenings that exist in our city. We think this gives the freedom lyrically and musically to explore unspoken truths and emotions that we all as humans feel.”

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