Camp Cope announce How To Socialise & Make Friends for 3/2/18

by Woody on February 7, 2018

Photo by Naomi Beveridge

Camp Cope is a Melbourne trio of women that are set to put out their sophomore effort, How To Socialise & Make Friends on March 2nd via the fine folks at Run The Cover. I was a little late to the game on their 2016 s/t debut, an album of high quality lo-fi indie rock, but it has remained in steady rotation since. Here’s a little more on the upcoming album.

How To Socialise & Make Friends anchors on the cycles of life, loss, and growth through resilience, and those moments of finding and being yourself. The title track and “”Animal and Real”” celebrate the joys of being an independent unit and knowing who you are without any influencing external factors, while “”Anna”” and “”Sagan-Indiana”” speak to the love you feel towards friends– the women who shape you and work together to find strength in numbers. “”The Face of God”” is a raw account of sexual assault and the feelings of isolation that follow, and album closer “”I’’ve Got You”” showcases vocalist and guitarist Georgia Maq solo, singing of her late father’’s battle with cancer and their close friendship that prevails, even in death.

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