Naked Giants sign to New West; announce debut LP, Sluff for 3/30

by Woody on January 23, 2018

Photo credit: Chloe Corriveau

I hadn’t heard of the Seattle trio until a week or so ago. At that point, they were announced as the opener and support band for Car Seat Headrest. I checked out one song, bought their R.I.P. EP and put them on my must-see list at SXSW. Well, it appears that the fine folks at New West Records had the jump on me as they’ve signed then up for their debut LP. Simply put, these guys rock. Here’s some info on the band from the label.

Because as much as the trio – who are all in their very early 20s now – have their heads screwed on and are fiercely intelligent people, they also want to let loose and enjoy being in a band (after all, that’s kind of what being in a band with your closest friends is all about). The clash of cerebral and intelligent – the desire to say something meaningful but also just have some fun – is what underpins the very essence of who Naked Giants is. It’s a band of contradictions. Their music, which is simultaneously timeless and modern, new and old, is loud and brash and raw, but there’s a vulnerability there, too. In fact, SLUFF is a melting pot of ideas and sounds that, on paper, don’t seem like they would go together, but which form one phenomenally cohesive whole. Their music is the sum of all their influences and then some. And then some more. “What’s interesting to me,” ponders Aiello, “is we have very different influences, so when we’re all jamming it’s like being pulled apart and pushed together in so many different directions. And I think that’s a good thing.” “These are songs that we’ve played live for a long time,” explains Mullen. “We wanted to showcase the different kinds of songs we’ve written and put them all onto an album that flows together, making it tie together into something that means something.” Drummer LaVallee offers, “I just want to make as much noise and have as much fun and get as sweaty as I can. And if that resonates with people, that’s who I want in my life. That’s who I want to play music for.”

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Naked Giants are here

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