Bat Fangs announce s/t debut 2/2/18

by Woody on January 11, 2018

Bat Fangs is comprised of Betsy Wright and drummer Laura King. I hadn’t heard of Laura but was a big fan of Betsy’s work in Ex Hex. Bono recently slagged off the current state of rock music as too girly. Um, if this is what he meant; count me in. Here’s a little info on how the band came together.

The band began just as Wright’s other gig, Ex Hex, settled down for an extended breather. After two years touring as a bassist, she was eager to reconnect with the electric guitar and to push her pop-songwriting skills toward a slightly darker zone. She sent a few demos to King, who signed on to play drums. Together, they pushed the music into a deeper and more otherworldly place.

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Bat Fangs are here

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