Caroline Rose announces LONER for 2/23 release

by Woody on January 9, 2018

Photo credit: Matt Hogan

On the back of a couple of solid efforts, including 2013’s America Religious, Caroline Rose has landed herself a spot on the ever-impressive New West roster. Her New West debut will be out on 2/23 and lead track, Money, is a winner; fueled by a wicked surf guitar lick. Here’s a little more on the new album.

LONER began about three years ago following the release of Rose’s indie-folk-rockabilly-tinged debut album, I Will Not Be Afraid, an album penned while living in a van and traveling the country, which garnered praise from the likes of NPR and Rolling Stone. It captures the cheeky satire, comical musings, and often jarring mood swings––sometimes goofy, sometimes emotional––that make up much of Rose’s personality and marks a significant leap forward both sonically and emotionally, unleashing a burgeoning confidence teeming with character. “I needed to get more personal, more aggressive, more humorous and more sonically diverse than my older material,” says Rose. “It just felt like a bubble inside me that had been growing and was about to pop.”

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