Shopping announce Official Body for 1/19/17 release

by Woody on December 21, 2017

photo credit: Matthew Williams

Shopping aren’t what I would call my typical fare. But I have to say, I dig the tune below. It reminds me of the B-52s with a punk-dance thing going down. They’ll be on the road next year, including a stop at SXSW. Here’s a little of info from their PR bio.

“We’ve always felt like what we do is political in that it’s cathartic and healing in some way, but at some point it just felt like making ‘political’ music was a bit like putting a tiny band aid on an enormous wound,” says Rachel Aggs (vocals, guitar), as she describes the sense of disorientation that lies at the foundation of the album. While it may have been tempting to adopt a more serious tone, Shopping remained humorous in their approach — the album’s title (established before any of the songs were written), The Official Body, is a play on the idea of official bodies of power and control, “the mystical powers that be” as bassist Billy Easter deems them, as well as the construct of a physical body that fits within the societal paradigm of what is “acceptable.”

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