Lina Tullgren – Won (album review)

by Woody on December 5, 2017


photo credit: Michael Winters

I’d been itching for this debut for over a year. But oddly enough it is one of those albums that I have a hard time conveying how much I enjoy it into two or three paragraphs. Won is a unique album, sort of like another great album this year, Infinite Worlds by Vagabon, in that I had a tough time putting together the proper words to describe the album.

Tullgren, a Maine native, crafts a sound that has evolved from folk roots into a lo-fi sound. She’s a wonderful songwriter that is able to use some subtle electric guitar hooks to propel her tunes forward. The 10 tracks are uncluttered as Tullgren lets her songwriting take center stage. There’s a great point two minutes in on Perfect (the second track) where Tullgren puts the breaks on the tune and lets a chunky riff balance her fragile voice before easing out in an outro awash in synths. Its very cool and very well executed.

Later on the album, a contemplative Tullgren examines the delicate balance of relationships and friendship with an acoustic and a gentle cacophony of horns, synths and strings. Again, the brilliance is in the restraint in not muddling the water too much.

Won is a wonderful debut LP on a label, Captured Tracks, known for that.

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