Bethlehem Steel – Party Naked Forever (album review)

by Woody on November 17, 2017

Montana Elliot

Bethlehem Steel are the Brooklyn trio of Rebecca Ryskalczyk (vocals/guitars), Jon Gernhart (drums) and Patrick Ronayne (bass). Their debut, Party Naked Forever, gets up in your face in a bold manner and never lets go.

The trio makes quite the racket, delivering a brand of brash fuzzy rock inspired by the 90s. Ryskalczyk’s vocals combine the confessional nature of Katie Crutchfield with the ferocity of Miranda Winters. She has a ton of range; always melding to the vibe of the tune.

The opener Alt Shells sees Ryskalczyk has some blistering guitar work as Ryskalczyk sings of dealing with depression. I don’t want to say she makes light of a disease that cripples thousands but she does it a manner that shows that sometimes it easy to almost self-sabotage yourself in a funk that paralyzes. My description might not come across well but it is a really well crafted tune and message.

Finger It Out was inspired by the passing of Annie Elverum. The track that follows couldn’t be any more timely in Untitled Entitlement. Ryskalczyk delivers her message sternly and it packs a wallop.

Bethlehem Steel certainly delivered on their first LP. Bummed I missed them on their recent trip to Chicago. Going to need to rectify that at some point,

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Bethlehem Steel is here

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