Langhorne Slim – Lost At Last Vol. 1 (album review)

by Woody on November 15, 2017

Photo Credit: Joshua Black Wilkins

On the Thursday night before Newport Folk Fest started, my buddy Nick and I stumbled into a Langhorne show at the Newport Blues Cafe. I hadn’t been listening to alot of Langhorn at that time. But it only took a few songs to be reminded that Langhorne is a larger than life figure (especially on stage).

For this album, Langhorne pumps the brakes and take a breath. The album has a soulful, reflective feel to it. Ocean City (For May, Jack & Brother Joe) recounts a happy memory for Slim; when his brother and him spent time with his parents. The tuba adds to the wistful flavor to the tune. However, Private Property has a tired rueful feel; as the protagonist sings of getting busted for growing weed on his property.

The back half of the album sees my two favorites of the album. Alligator Girl buoyed by its New Orleans flavored piano and its gospel-tinged backing vocals. Zombie is probably the catchiest and bounciest of the tunes. The pedal steel winding around throughout the tune, never overpowering the proceedings.

Overall, Lost At Last Vol. 1 is my favorite Slim album since his s/t effort in 2008. I’m anxious to see how these tunes translate to a live setting. As a veteran of many Slim shows, I can’t imagine anything that leaves me wanting.

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