Young Jesus signs to Saddle Creek, s/t album out 2/23/18

by Woody on November 14, 2017

Young Jesus, a band born in Chicago and now residing in LA, has signed with Saddle Creek to release an album in Feb. Their lead single is nearly 10 minute track that wanders all over the place. Herre’s a little something about the band.

Young Jesus, an indie rock quartet formed in Chicago and reformed in Los Angeles, looks to communicate the tensions between proximity and distance, chaos and order. On their upcoming record S/T, to be released by Saddle Creek, the band focuses on seemingly small moments in everyday life: phone calls with Mom, landscapes along the highway, crows in a tree. Yet with time these strange intimacies add up to a life. A life full of anxiety, confusion, sadness, joy, boredom, and ultimately wonder.

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Young Jesus is here

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