H.C. McEntire announce solo debut, LIONHEART for 1/26/18

by Woody on November 8, 2017

Photo courtesy of Merge

Here at HearYa (yes I just wrote it), we love Mount Moriah something fierce. Now lead singer, H.C. McEntire is releasing a solo album. The driving force behind getting this album made was none other than Kathleen Hanna. The track below sounds like Mount Moriah in that it has some Americana flavor, but man is this track soulful. Simply put, I absolutely love this track.

She says of the album: “In music, there are no rules. You make your own language. You can be both the Southern rock outlier and the twangy gospel conduit. You can be both the cherubic, honey-tongued innocent and the ardent punk. To get here—to find my lion heart—I had to become them all.”

LIONHEART is a collection of songs inspired by the American South and a desire to reclaim “country” music from the hetero-normative, homogenous schtick of tailgates and six-packs and men chasing women. Stereogum describes McEntire’s voice as “weary, wise, and bright as morning sunshine all at once,” and that sunshine glows throughout the triumphant LIONHEART.

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H.C. McEntire is here

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