Curtis Harding – Face Your Fear (album review)

by Woody on November 7, 2017

It would be easy to label Curtis Harding as a retro-soul act, say his new album is excellent and move on with your day. And while that is the foundation for all that is good on this album, it’d be doing Harding a disservice to stop right there. On his Anti debut, Harding incorporates elements of garage and psychedelia into the mix for an excellent sophomore effort.

On And On is the type of track that makes you want to get up and dance around (at least at my house it is). Dream Girl sees Harding showing off his falsetto in what best can be described (at least by me) as some sort of future soul jam. On Til The End, an undeniably catchy track, Harding mixes in some swagger with some regret with a voice-over meant to be his gal.

All in all, Harding avoids the dreaded sophomore jinx and produced the goods for Anti on an album that cements him as one of the rising forces in music today.

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