Quiet Hollers – Amen Breaks (album review)

by Woody on November 6, 2017

Photo by Nik Vechery

Quiet Hollers are a five-piece out of Louisville. We’d previously covered their 2013 effort, I Am The Morning. At that juncture, they were easy to label – a damn good alt-country band. Since then, they released an excellent s/t effort in 2015 that started to open up their music to other influences. With 2017’s Amen Breaks the band continues to explore and push the boundaries; with great success.

I’ve listened to Amen Breaks a lot and bands that come to mind are Other Lives, MMJ and The National. All bands that seem to have started in one genre, kept fleshing it out but without fully forgetting where they started. Lead singer, Shadwick Wilde, had a great answer to the constant evolution of the band in an interview with American Songwriter.

My favorite artists are the kind who never make the same album twice. To stay true to your self and your art, you have to follow the muse. All I try to do in recording is remake the sounds in my head, and they’re always changing.

The album opens with the brooding, The Path. It builds real nice and slow before kicking into gear complete with some strings adding a nice layer to the sound. Later on the album, the boys kick out a 1:38 track titled Pressure that belies the Path in that it sounds like a punk tune; albeit with their special touches.

This is a very ambitious album, and one that they pull off with aplomb. Lots of other great tracks that offer so much – Broken Guitar, Medicine and the title track spring to mind. It’s nice to see them starting to get a little more notice as they are a damn talented band.

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