Becca Mancari – Good Woman (album review)

by Woody on October 18, 2017

Becca Mancari first popped up on my radar due to her being involved with Brittany Howard’s side-project, Bermuda Triangle. Soon thereafter I caught wind of the lead track off of her debut LP and I was hooked. On her debut, the Nashville based artist does a fantastic job of adding some indie pop flourishes to her Americana sound. It really made me stand up and take up notice.

The second track, Waiting So Long, is a real winner. It has some tasty guitar, including some unconventional use of pedal steel. The track centers around Mancari asking how she can get her interest reciprocated. Golden is a beautiful break-up track where both sides still seem be able to find the beauty in each other despite the dysfunction. The penultimate track, Kitchen Dancing, is another beauty; using subtle pedal steel to create atmosphere.

Good Woman is a great debut by someone who clearly has a great future ahead of her. Put this on your must listen list.

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