Curtis Harding announces Face Your Fear – 10/27/17

by Woody on October 3, 2017


Soul Power by Curtis Harding was one my favorites of 2014 . It was released via Burger Records and combined Harding’s soulful vocals with the garage rock experience you’ve come to expect from Burger’s catalog. He’s since signed to ANTI and I feel like I’ve been waiting for this one for awhile. Here’s a little more on the album from Curtis.

As Curtis explains, “The record [Face Your Fear], to me, is all over the place because I go through moods, man. I change.” The dark title track was inspired by the feeling of a nightmare; a foreboding feeling, the spell broken by the clarity of awakening. “By the way maybe don’t worry Its OK face your fear” he croons on the chorus. Fear of the unknown, fear of the unfamiliar is a bad dream the brave among us must constantly shake ourselves out of. it’s something he’s had to practice his entire life as he moved from place to place and continues to practice as he moves forward as a musician, “Just putting myself out there and not being close-minded and just being open to different ideas and different sounds and different flavors and putting myself in situations sometimes where I didn’t know if I would make it out but you know [the mantra is], face your fuckin’ fear!

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Curtis Harding is here

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