Becca Mancari announces Good Woman for 10/6 release

by Woody on September 28, 2017


Photo – Jenn Elrod

Becca Mancari’s name popped up in my twitter feed when due to this album being streamed on NPR but I couldn’t place the name. Turns out she’s part of this Bermuda Triangle project w/ Brittany Howard & Jesse Lafser. It took about one song before I was all-in on Mancari & Good Woman. I’m all in on Bermuda Triangle as well, in case anybody was wondering. Here’s a paragraph from Mancari’s bio on her upcoming debut.

Her anticipated debut album, “Good Woman,” is hauntingly lonesome, with dust-cloud swells of electric guitar and don’t-look- back lyrics revealing scenes from Mancari’s well-travelled story. She recalls, “I remember being 19, and I would go to this old warehouse where a bunch of old timers would be siting around picking and drinking moonshine…and we are talking straight up moonshine. “During this time, Mancari’s curiosity to see the world with eager, fresh eyes grew, drawing her to travel and experience all types of people and places. Her travels would inevitably impact her music; since her music is the landscape of all she’s seen, “Good Woman” evokes the sound of city grit and the mountain music of her youth, swirling into a fresh, nostalgic sound.

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Becca Mancari is here

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