Roadkill Ghost Choir announce False Youth Etcetera – 10/27/17

by Woody on September 18, 2017


It has been over three years since Roadkill Ghost Choir released the excellent In Tongues, an album that made our way into 50 favorites of 2014. That album was built more around Americana, with liberal use of steel guitar and banjo. A fact that was reinforced in our live session. For this new album, they’ve changed in style. They’re working in more synths and trying to take on more of a War On Drugs feeling, something they address below. Honestly, I like the new tune below but I really don’t know fully how I feel about the transition. But I am looking forward to hearing the full LP.

Shepard is pointed in the departure from their familiar Americana sound, confirming “there is no banjo” on False Youth Etcetera. This desire to explore new musical terrain was only bolstered by Shepard’s adoration for similar sonic explorations and artists transcending their genre to create a unique sound – rooted in influences such as The War On Drugs, Neu! and Bruce Springsteen. The result is an album that clearly and beautifully delivers the group to a whole new infectious, cosmic terrain.

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Roadkill Ghost Choir is here

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