Cut Worms signs to Jagjaguwar – Alien Sunset EP out on 10/20

by Woody on September 14, 2017

Cut Worms

Cut Worms, aka Max Clarke, has just signed to Jagjaguwar. To celebrate they are releasing an EP of some demos before his full-length LP in 2018. The music comes off something from yesteryear. It is folk in nature but has some hints of glam to it. I’m digging the EP something fierce. Get excited for this dude. Here’s some more info on the EP.

“Alien Sunset” is a collection of home-recorded “demos” from Clarke’s time living in Chicago (Side A) and New York City (Side B), written in spurts, like little designated creative coffee breaks. After going to school for illustration, steering toward a career in graphic design, and taking some handy-man type jobs, he realized that songwriting, a pastime since he was twelve years old, was the only type of work that didn’t feel like just work. Following the example of a prolific roommate who had endeavored to write a song a day for a year, Clarke decided to dedicate his daily hour of free-time after work to mindful musical regimen. He challenged himself to record two songs a month and release them online – for better or for worse, praise or criticism. Expecting little more than a few constructive comments regarding his 8-track fidelity, he was surprised by the positive reactions to his antique sound, classic voice, and Everly Brothers style close harmonies. Soon after, Jagjaguwar discovered him:

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Cut Worms is here

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