The Yawpers – Boy In A Well (album review)

by Woody on August 29, 2017

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In a nutshell, The Yawpers are a powder keg, They are volatile and you don’t know when they’re going to blow; but rest assured they will sooner or later. Fronted by Nate Cook, a man who’s stage presence should only be described as maniacal. He’s like Elvis after a day of electroconvulsive therapy that maybe went too far. Cook is backed by Jesse Parmet on guitar and drummer Noah Shomberg who give Cook the psycholbilly sound that fits Cook’s voice like a glove.

For their third album and second with Bloodshot Cook arose from a Dramamine-alcohol induced ‘coma” with the outline of an album about a French woman abandoning her son in a well during WWI. With other bands, I would roll my eyes and mutter “oh fuck off” under my breath. With The Yawpers, I shrugged my shoulders and muttered to myself, “sounds about right.”

Over on COS, the boys did a blow by blow breakdown of each song that is worth a read. In a nutshell, the boy survives, later has an Oedipal encounter with his mother and everybody dies; including the son of the Mother and her son (i.e. her grandson). Along for the ride of the ride was Tommy Stinson. Fresh off the release of the excellent Anything Can Happen, Stinson lends his talents to the production end and also chips in on a few tracks.

Some of my favorite tracks are Mon Dieu, The Awe & The Anguish and penultimate track; Linen For The Orphan. The story may be hard to follow without those handy notes on COS. While it certainly helped in my appreciation of the album, it isn’t required. These guys are what rock and roll is all about.

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