Bully signs to Sub Pop, set to release Losing on 10/20

by Woody on August 7, 2017


Credit: Alysse Gafkjen

The force of nature known as Bully are following up on their phenomenal debut, Feels Like, with their sophomore effort Losing. They’ve been on a bit of a whirlwind since arriving on the scene and have now signed with the venerable Sub Pop in what seems like a natural fit. Here’s some info on the new album.

While Feels Like tumbled headlong into the precarious nature of Bognanno’s young adult life, Losing is a document of the complexity of growth: navigating breakups with sensitivity, learning not to run away from your troubles but to face them no matter how messy they may be. The debut single, “Feel the Same’ is the album opener. Like an electric-shock Bognanno is back in your face tackling the angst of a young person feeling their way through the world. The song describes the prison of a manic mind-set, being trapped in your own head. On “Seeing It” she addresses the issue of personal safety and navigating the world as a woman. On “Running” she focuses on personal relationships and the avoidance of facing the demise of a personal relationship.

Losing is an internal, carefully focused record, a universalized diary and an exorcism-not of any one specific demon, but the host of them that characterize contemporary anxieties. Bully are growing up, sure, but their fire is in no way diminishing.

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