Tyler Childers – Purgatory (album review)

by Woody on August 4, 2017


A few years back, I saw Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires perform in the backyard of The Blackheart during SXSW. The music was arresting, literally demanding your attention. It was clear that his music had moved on to a different plane. That’s happened a couple of times these last few years when hearing an artist for the first time – Margo & Sturgill immediately jump to mind.

Reason I bring that all up is I had that same reaction with Tyler Chiders and his full-length debut, Purgatory. While I am new to his music, the Kentucky born Childers has been around for a few years. That led to him hooking up with Sturgill Simpson to co-produce his album with David Ferguson.

Throughout the whole of Purgatory, Childers tells stories of Eastern Kentucky. Whether it be a tale of murder, the Appalachian-folk Banded Clovis; the title track; a bluegrass take of a Christian that lost his way; or a country-thumper in Whitehorse Road in which the protagonist tells tales of his hell-raising; Childers delivers the goods.

Purgatory is a stunning debut. One that propels him into the rarefied air of Isbell, Price and Sturgill. To imagine where his career will head is enough to make you dizzy.

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