Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native announce s/t album for 8/11 release

by Woody on August 2, 2017


It has been almost ten years since Ben burst on to the scene with his interpretation of A Change Is Gonna Come and hit our studio for a HearYa session. He’s carved out a nice career for himself, with probably my favorite album he’s done, 2010’s Something, Somewhere, Sometime. Now, he’s back with a new ensemble and album. Here’s a little something on an album he’s calling bluegrass.

Sollee describes his newest release, Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native (the name describing both the ensemble and the album) as a bluegrass record, fully aware that his is not the traditional view. “Bluegrass music is immigrant music,” he says, offering his expansive definition across the kitchen table. “It’s the music of Irish and Scottish musicians bringing their fiddle tunes; it is gospel music; it is African music; it is gypsy jazz; it is rock ‘n’ roll. It is all these things. What makes it unique and of Kentucky is that it was distilled by the people who lived here in Kentucky, and turned into something else.”

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