White Reaper -The World’s Best American Band

by Woody on August 1, 2017


Photo by Jesse De Florio

This is probably the artist I most regret missing at SXSW. Based on their LPs, I have a sneaky feeling that they’d be a ripping good time live (confirmed by Moish) With that in mind, the Kentucky quartet open the album with some crowd noise piped in before launching into the title track that does nothing to dissuade your from giving their boastful title some serious consideration.

In between the excellent opener and the fiery closer, Another Day, the boys will light a fire in the part of your soul that likes rocking. A wonderful blend of 80s hair metal, pop-punk and garage rock, White Reaper is straight up rock n roll with no apologies. So grow out your mullet, grab your bandana and enjoy tunes like Judy French, Party Next Door and Tell Me.

If you are heading to Lolla, I’d add them to your must-see list. While they might not be The World’s Best American Band, yet; but they’ve certainly released one of 2017’s best albums.

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White Reaper is here

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