Michael Nau – Some Twist (album review)

by Woody on July 31, 2017


A few weeks back, the legend known as SafariMan made the astute observation below. As I listened to Hello, Dear Wind, I was floored to learn that it came out in 2005. Almost forgot how long Nau has been around – either with Page France or Cotton Jones.

Some Twist is Nau’s second solo album and continues his knack of blending psych-folk withe some AM Gold. The opening track, Good Thing, bounces along with punches of intermittent keys; harkening back to his Cotton Jones years. Scumways is a toe-tapper; kind of sounds like a track out of 70s movie where two opposites fall in love. And the closer, Light That Lever, continues that theme; maybe the track to close out the aforementioned 70s movie. It’s a slow-building track that has a nice big finish, sort of like a good mellow Matthew E. White track.

Some Twist has been one of my most enjoyable summer albums this year. After countless years, it is evident that Nau is a consummate pro; something made abundantly clear throughout the album.

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