Bunny announce debut EP, Sucker

by Woody on July 19, 2017


Photo by Alexa Viscius

Bunny is a band from and the songwriting vehicle of Jessica Viscius. The track chill has a nice chill indie music vice to it that makes me want to hear some more. She’s play8ing a Lolla Party w/ The Lemon Twigs and at The Hideout on 9/2. Here’s a little more info on the EP.

Bunny, formed in Chicago during the winter of 2016, toes the bleary line between dream pop and bedroom rock. The first project of Jessica Viscius, their tunes take on a soft grunge feel, mixing dainty, pretty melodies with hazy lyrics delicately laced with sarcasm. Her tongue-in-cheek songs are a testament to the tried-and-untrue stereotypes of female frailty, dependency, and hopeless romanticism. Their debut EP, Sucker, will be released later this summer.

Sounds like: Mazzy Star, Velvet Underground, Opal, Courtney Barnett

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Bunny is here

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