Blank Range announce Marooned With The Treasure 8/25

by Woody on July 14, 2017


Credit: Don VanCleave

A couple years back, I had the pleasure of catching a set by Blank Range on the strength of their EP. Since then I’ve waiting for them to announce their debut LP. Well that day is here. Marooned With The Treasure, will be released via the fine folks at Thirty Tigers. Based on the first track, Opening Band, this will be another stellar collection of Americana. Here’s some more info on the album.

Much of the inspiration for Marooned With The Treasure is the recent sobriety of singer Jonathon Childers, who was thirteen months sober at the time of the recording. He recounts, “When you’re consuming zealous amounts of a depressant everyday it’s easy to lose the light. I was bummed on everything, probably myself the most, and the party had been over for a long time.” The themes of addiction and confusion pop up in “Opening Band,” as Childers acknowledges his past with the lyrics: “Well I took on earthly pleasures / Til they stayed and staked their claim / And I’ve got a couple demons / That know me by my first name.” “My life is much richer now than it was. I’m present for the good moments, and there are plenty of them,” asserts Childers.

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Blank Range is here

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