TORRES announces Three Futures, 9/19/17

by Woody on July 13, 2017


First time I saw TORRES (aka Mackenzie Scott) in concert, I was completely blown away. I tweeted out during the set that she looked like my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. But those looks mask a ferocity in her music that sucks you in during the performance. It makes you forget everything else going around you. She’s moved over to 4AD for the September release. Here’s a little more on the album.

In describing the album, Scott says it “is entirely about using the body that each of us has been given as a mechanism of joy.” The 10 original tracks on Three Futures embrace ecstasy, desire and indulgence rather than self-denial, and exude this idea via immersive music. Mechanized grooves are placed at the forefront, providing a framework for perforated electro-pop static, harsh gothic / industrial textures, and insistent Krautrock motifs.

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TORRES is here

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