Melkbelly announce debut album Nothing Valley on 10/13/17

by Woody on July 12, 2017


Melkbelly are a Chicago four-piece that has been making a lot of noise in the Chicago DIY scene since 2014. While I didn’t catch them this past SXSW, by all accounts they were one of the must-see acts down there. Now there set to release their debut LP, Nothing Valley on 10/13/17 via Wax Nine Records, an offshoot lable of Carpark Records run by Sadie Dupuis.

Melkbelly’s members live and breathe Chicago’s art and music underground where their paths crossed and alliances were forged. Vocalist/guitarist Miranda Winters played solo in folk rock project reddelicious. Brothers Bart and Liam Winters (the tall fellas playing guitar and bass in Melkbelly) ran an influential show space in Chicago. Drawn together by their passion for East Coast noise, particularly the flavor originating from Miranda’s previous homebase of Providence, RI, Miranda and Bart of Coffin Ships recruited James Wetzel, who studied jazz drums in college, from improvisational free-drum/noise duo Ree-Yees. This new group of friends orbiting the loft and art scene, began collaborating on each other’s projects, formalizing in a more guitar-driven quartet Melkbelly in 2014.

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Melkbelly is here

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