Sheer Mag – Need To Feel Your Love (album review)

by Woody on July 11, 2017


Photo by Marie Lin

From the moment Steven Hyden told me to start listening to Sheer Mag, they have become a staple in my listening diet. Led by the force of nature, Tina Halladay, the Philly 5-piece deliver an abundance of riffs on this homage to 70s rock and punk.

Over the course of three self-released EPs (all 4 songs in length) the band delivered a raw unfiltered blend of punk and 70s riff-rock. On their first LP, the production is a little tighter without sending over-produced; and there is more variety to their output. Its everything you could hope for a band making the metaphorical transition from toddler years to teen years.

The albums jumps out of the gates with Meet Me In The Street that paints a picture of the recent protests. Kyle Seely’s riff combined with Halladay’s lyrics whips up the atmosphere. The title tracks follows with a riff and hook that has a Jackson 5 flavor to it with a theme of people needing to stay together during these absurd times. Later on, they mix in a hint of twang flavor courtesy of another of Seely riff on Suffer Me that pays tribute to the Stonewall Riots.

I had high expectations for this album. Sheer Mag met those and then some.

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