RIPS – s/t (album review)

by Woody on July 10, 2017


RIPS are a four-piece out or Brooklyn that has built a reputation on their live performances over the last four years. Their s/t debut is out and it feels like a love letter to New York music. From Lou Reed straight to Parquet Courts (In fact, Austin Brown from Parquet Courts produces the album), the band isn’t shy about their influences; but never in a way that feels as if they’re just mimicking them.

None of the influences would matter if the boys couldn’t play. Over the course of 33 minutes, the boys unleash a brand of rock n roll that will remind you of why you started hoarding vinyl in your teen years (at least old guys like me). It’s the same feeling I got when I first heard RBCF’s latest. It’s guitar rock to get lost in – fuzzy, distorted and loud.

This is a band to get behind. Their debut is excellent in its own right but really shows a band that has the potential to really make some noise.

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