Moonrise Nation announce debut LP, Glamour Child – 7/28/17

by Woody on July 7, 2017


Photo Credit: Alexander Donnelly

Moonrise Nation are guitarist Emma McCall, keyboardist Arden Baldinger, and cellist Eva Baldinger and they all split the vocal responsibilities on Glamour Child. They play a nice brand of indie pop-folk. It isn’t over-produced, just letting their voices do the heavy lifting.

Their storytelling is crafted from a very personal place, deftly sculpted into a layered, universal experience. Produced by Stephen Shirk (yes, the Steve Shirk of HearYa fame) the album captures the vertiginous, Millennial high-lows of self-confidence and doubt, happiness and practicality, innocence and reality, feminist strength and vulnerability.

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Moonrise Nation is here

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