Leif Erikson announce debut s/t mini-LP for 8/25 release

by Woody on July 5, 2017


Much like Jethro Tull, there is nobody in Leif Erikson by that name. Instead the London 5-piece is named after the Icelandic explorer. Seems fitting as they band plays an expansive brand of music that reminds me a little of War On Drugs. Their debut will be released on 8/25 via the fine folks at Arts & Crafts. Here’s a little more on the album.

Informing much Leif Erikson’s forthcoming mini-album is this meditative introspection of trying to be an artist in the capital while juggling the anxieties of quotidian living. On new single ‘Concrete and Steel’, for instance, lead singer Sam Johnston candidly references a working life spent grafting in London’s kitchens: “The streets of London paved with gold / My fortune’s there I’ve been told / Pass my freedom to the hands of power / Washing dishes till eleven for seven pounds an hour.” It’s the expression of an individual in a society where individualism often takes a backseat to the business of survival. These are, nevertheless, songs of steely resistance, which seek freedom wherever you can find it (whether in nature or though making music itself).

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Leif Erikson is here

Concrete and Steel by Leif Erikson on VEVO.

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