New Mystics announce debut Smile Your Teeth

by Woody on June 23, 2017


New Mystics is the project of Josh Onstott, bassist for HearYa faves Other Lives. New Mystics is rooted in the folk arena, like Other Lives. Unlike Other Lives, it has a bit of a looser feel to it. Here’s a little something on the track below.

This song was written about my great grandfather Daniel. Daniel was a bird watcher/protector. He loved Martins. Martins would eat mosquitos in the area of Oklahoma where I was raised. Daniel would build nice bird houses for the neighborhood Martins. The Sparrows were the gangster birds that would come in flocks to run the Martins out of the bird houses….they would eventually take over the homes because the Martins were always out numbered. My great grandfather would sit in his shed with the doors cracked open with a cigarette that he wasn’t supposed to be smoking in one hand and a pellet gun in the other. He would shoot every Sparrow that flew over his yard…and in between kills, he would play his C harmonica. As a child, every time I walked outside, I remember dead Sparrows laying all over his yard and throughout his flower garden….

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New Mystics are here

New Mystics are here

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Andy June 27, 2017 at 1:26 pm

Great to hear this. Looking forward to this great one

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