Thunder Dreamer – Capture (album review)

by Woody on June 16, 2017


Thunder Dreamer are a four-piece out of Evansville and their latest Capture is an album full of wonderful textures. An expansive album that never seems to move past a slow jog, it always manages to pack a punch. Lead singer Steven Hamilton’s vocals evoke a blend of emo and post-punk. That is typically not my deal and in a vacuum, I’d probably not be a big fan. But it works ever so well with the wonderful and expansive soundscapes that they – Corey Greenfield (drums), Alex Wallwork (bass), and Zach Zint (piano) and Hamilton on guitar – produce.

There are bits throughout the album where I hear the influences of MMJ or Magnolia Electric Co. There’s a great jam towards the end of St. Malo and the intro of the title track that reminds me of one of favorite trait of MMJ, their patience. As far as the Molina reference, I don’t even know how to explain it. There are just certain moments during a tune here or there where the inflection of Hamilton’s voice will give off the slightest hint of Molina and I for one, enjoy the hell out of it.

Capture is a wonderful album; one that will take a listen or two to really sink in. And one that stands up to countless listens. Really want to see these guys live and they’ll be at The Hideout here in Chicago on 7/13.

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Thunder Dreamer is here

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