Secret Sisters – You Don’t Own Me Anymore (album review)

by Woody on June 7, 2017


Let’s start off by saying, You Don’t Me Anymore is phenomenal. But my goodness, did they have to go through shit to get to this point. Sisters Laura and Lydia Rogers were on a major label and had released two albums before being dropped. Additionally there was the impending doom of bankruptcy and some legal entanglements with a former manager. They were staring at the end of the road, a life without being a musician. From that nadir, their friend and former tourmate Brandi Carlisle stepped up to produce their third album and they wound up with New West.

I had never heard of them before getting an email from New West. From the first time I heard the lead single, Tennessee River Runs Low, I was hooked. The sisters have these gorgeous voices and the harmonies are spot on – one always coming in right at the perfect spot to take their song to the next level. I was immediately reminded of another sister duo, First Aid Kit.

But melody wise, I kept hearing Simon & Garfunkel, which might have something to do with the excellent cover of Kathy’s Song. Other standouts are the murder ballad, Mississippi; a tale of broken hearts on To All The Girls Who Cry and a rollicking love song to their home state of Alabama.

You Don’t Me Anymore is out this Friday and they will be touring this summer.

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