Major and the Monbacks announce Moonlight Anthems 6/16/17

by Woody on May 18, 2017


Major & the Monbacks are the latest RVA based Mattew E. White machine that blend soul, blues, americana, psych into a tasty little package. The tune gives off the vibe of a real loose jam by The Band. Yep Roc will be putting out their debut on June 16th. Here’s some more info on the band.

Three years ago, Major and The Monbacks bought a used van, booked over 150 shows in nine months, and embarked on their first-ever national tour. There were no labels or booking agents or tour managers at the time, just a bunch of twenty-somethings with an independent streak and a shared love of making music. It wasn’t glamorous—it still isn’t—but they all agreed it beat the hell out of working a day job. The Monbacks pushed that van to its limits and beyond with their relentless tour schedule, developing a rapport with the tow truck drivers of the greater Norfolk area as they burned through three different engines and blossomed from local favorites into one of the most promising young rock bands working today. They’ve got a new van now, and, more importantly, they’ve got a new album to go with it, one that fully delivers on their promise and then some.

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Major & the Monbacks are here

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