Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires announce Youth Detention on 6/30/17

by Woody on May 17, 2017

Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires Band Photo

Photo by Wes Frazier

Lee Bains is not a man who shies away from expressing his feelings. That might turn off some people, especially in his native Alabama, where Bains squares right up to many issues that he feels has been plaguing the region for years. Bains’ music has a passion that many acts would die for, but in person he is one of the most genuine and welcoming individuals you’ll meet in the music industry. Youth Detention will be out on 6/30/17 via the fine folks at Don Giovanni. The lead track, Underneath The Sheets of White Noise is a fucking brilliant track. Bains sounds like Patterson, when he is super pissed off. And that my friends is a good thing.

“We’re an independent band from a very peculiar place that’s trying to engage with the history of the region as it pertains to race, religion, class, gender, and the rest,” explains Bains. “The area where we’re from — the Piedmont South — is a place where a lot of vernacular musical forms from converging communities co-mingled. And that co-mingling upset the existing social orders. We’re trying to reclaim those musical moments as acts of cultural resistance.”

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Lee Bains is here

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