Kyle Craft covers Leonard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel #2

by Woody on May 11, 2017

Kyle Craft

Credit: Andrew Toups

I hadn’t really spent much time with Kyle Craft’s Sub Pop debut, Dolls of Highland, before catching him open for Drive-By Truckers. Since t then, I’ve been giving it some steady play and enjoying the hell out of it. Today, WXPN released a video of Craft covering Leonard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel #2. Here’s Craft on the song.

“Chelsea Hotel #2, the way Cohen delivers it, it’s through a window into another time and the further we get into this thing, the future, the more I feel like a stranger. When he died, I felt very alone…as I’m sure many people did. The song is for him, for Patti Smith, for Dylan…for everyone who inspired me to write and for a time and place that seems so foreign now.”

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Kyle Craft is here

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