Deep State – Thought Garden (album review)

by Woody on May 3, 2017


This last SXSW, I ended one evening in a drunken haze of vodka greyhounds while listening to Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever that dovetailed into a set by The Districts. It was two hours of a rocking with guitars washing over me as I got lost in myself. It was absolutely fucking glorious and walking back into civilization was jarring.

It’s a shame that Deep State wasn’t on that bill and that I missed them altogether in Austin. Coming out of Athens, GA; the band delivers a half hour of frenetic driving rock ‘n’ roll on their sophomore effort. Fronted by Taylor Chmura, the most amateur of the musicians as the band will lead you to believe, the band rarely lets you come up for air as they blast through tracks No Idea, Pt. II and Heavy Lunch among other before giving us a breath with Nothing Speaking. On the tail end, Idiot Waster is an absolute gem before the album closes with the longest track; the slow-building Um.

All in all, Deep State are a band to go see live, scream the lyrics loud with the band and get lost for an hour or so as the band rocks your socks off.

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